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Letters from residents about other developments

posted Aug 10, 2013, 12:32 PM by 70HP Webmaster   [ updated Aug 26, 2013, 4:48 AM ]

Mimico Waterfront Plan 2020

We love Toronto and we love it the way it is, a liveable, green, great city and neighbourhood. As a resident of Toronto in High Park, I would like my voice be heard, please vote against high rise buildings on the West Toronto Waterfront on July 16 final vote.

Current and future born children and parents would like to have a city where it is possible to live and have access to the lake. We are fortunate enough that nature gave us the lake to be so close and not just access to the water without breaking our way through the crowed but access to the view.

It is a great city and area, there are so many other lands which can be developed in the suburb.


On July 16th, Toronto City Council will vote to pass a massive 25 year development plan on Etobicoke's Waterfront. I am strongly against this development and I would ask you to vote against it.


I have concerns over the implications of the heights and densities in this plan to our neighbourhood and our Waterfront.


I wish to register my opposition to the excesses in developments. The Mimico Beaches are already reaching proportions to the St.James Town fiasco. High park and Bloor they want to replace airy townhouses with trees, to be replaced by 61 Story towers of concrete. On Pacific Ave. they have cut down 30 very valuable Oak trees. More Concrete with glass. it is slaughter of air and green space. Stop the assault on our air and green space.


Recently I heard about a plan to develop the Mimico waterfront that does not enhance the city.  Please no more  high rise condos that detract from our lakeside....Please vote "NO" on July 16th....This is not what the people want for Toronto's waterfront. 


Please put a firm stop to the Mimico 2020 Waterfront Plan and kill it so that it never raises it’s head again.

2114 Bloor West

I recently saw the notice of application for rezoning for 10 storey condos at 2114 Bloor St. West, and I must say I was shocked; alarmed really. I could not believe that this was possible here. I had always believed that these kind of inappropriate proposals could never happen in this area, and that we were somehow protected. Needless to say, it burst my bubble instantly, and I was concerned enough to attend the May 13th BWVRA meeting.
I am both amazed and angry that this is even allowed to get to the stage where we have to fight at the OMB level in the first place to protect our rights as homeowners. I'm worried that developers with deep pockets can potentially have more control over the architectural make-up and character of our neighbourhood more than the residents do!  I still don't understand how this is allowed to happen--why are there not stronger laws, rather than just mere guidelines (which seem to be ignored) in place so that developers like NDI are prevented from even getting a toehold in our area?  What are the chances of us winning with the OMB? Will we have to keep on fighting every single time a developer wants to built some obscenely large condo here? The prospect is frightening.
This is not the Bloor West Village I want to live in. I love this neighbourhood, from the character of the homes, the parks, the shops, the schools and all the amenities which contribute to make this a wonderful place to live and raise our children.  I do not want to see it destroyed by people who don't live here or care about the negative impact that their condos will have on our lives (overcrowding of parking, schools, loss of sunlight for many homes, etc.). I see how too many condos are already choking up downtown Toronto--I don't want that kind of development affecting us here.