UPDATE August 8, 2015:

The Coalition’s lawyer has advised against appealing the OMB’s decision as success would be unlikely and the process would be cost prohibitive. An appeal can only be made on a point of law and not on fact.

It is difficult to accept this decision considering that City Planning, EYCC and City Council all rejected this development of 2 towers in an already high-density neighbourhood. The process has failed the community and our elected representatives were not able to protect the electorates’ interests. We should not go unheard and our disappointment needs to resonate with our elected officials. Here is how you can contact them:

Councillor Sarah Doucette: councillor_doucette@toronto.ca 416-392-4072

Chief Planner, Jennifer Keesmaat: jkeesma@toronto.ca 416-392-8772

MPP Cheri DiNovo: dinovoc-qp@ndp.on.ca 416-763-5630

The community put forth an amazing effort and we thank everyone for their contributions.

MPP DiNovo denounces the decision in a press release.

July 24, 2015:

It is with overwhelming disappointment that we are informing you that after more than 11 months of deliberation the OMB has rendered a decision in favour of the developer, High Park Bayview Inc. to construct two 25 storey buildings.

These buildings will be situated where the existing townhouses are at 51-77 Quebec Ave and 40-66 High Park Ave.

The High Park Coalition has stated they will be meeting with their lawyer to determine what options if any are available now and how they should proceed.

We will update you as new information becomes available.

Should you have any questions, please email: info@highparkcoalition.ca

The Proposal (the resubmission):
  • Two 26-storey towers (84 metres tall), each with a 5-storey podium
  • 558 units - 64% of the units are bachelor and 1-bedroom
  • Downtown-style glass-buildings that do not respect the character of our neighbourhood

For details regarding the OMB Pre-hearing please refer to: 

Issues & Concerns

  • Over-development and Over-intensification
  • Destroying an established neighbourhood
  • Compromising the character of the area
  • Increased population and density
  • Loss of pedestrian wind comfort
  • Loss of sunlight
  • Loss of privacy
  • Noise pollution
  • Unacceptable setbacks from sidewalks and adjacent buildings
  • Reduced green space
  • and more...
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